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THTFHQ AWARDS 2023: 2D Music Project of the Year

2D music projects released a plethora of quality music in 2023, showcasing impressive performances, unique concepts, and melodies.

2023 in Review: Big live tours, unexpected comebacks, and more

In 2023, male seiyuu artists and 2D music projects were quite active in live shows, concept series and we even got unexpected comebacks by veteran seiyuu artists.

GYROAXIA, Fantôme Iris & OSIRIS team up for live show in 2024

GYROAXIA and Fantôme Iris team up with Band Yarouze's visual-kei rock band OSIRIS for a special live show in 2024.

Band Yarouze! announces “Dream Match Duel Gig 2023 RAVEN/ADVENT”

Band Yarouze!'s OSIRIS and BLAST are back on stage this March for the first live show in years, Dream Match Duel Gig 2023 RAVEN/ADVENT.

2022 in Review: Big live tours, unexpected comebacks, and more

Between big live shows and tours, unexpected comebacks, and albums that arrived to shake everyone to the core, there was no shortage of interesting things happening in 2022.

Band Yarouze! Christmas Duel Carnival to be released on BD/DVD

Aniplex+ announced that Band Yarouze!'s 2019 live show "Christmas Duel Carnival" is going to be released on DVD/Blu-ray.

Band Yarouze! Re:Carnival to be held in December

Band Yarouze! celebrates its 6th anniversary with a special live show just in time for Christmas. Know more about "Re:Carnival" in this article.

A Guide to Band Yarouze!: How a rhythm game made 2D rock exciting

In 2016, Band Yarouze! brought a lot of quality music, a stellar rhythm game and an outstanding cast to the spotlight, making rock exciting, relatable and fun.

Band Yarouze! unveil details on upcoming joint live

Band Yarouze! unveiled new details on the upcoming joint live. BAND YAROUZE! Christmas Duel Carnival is going to...

OSIRIS and Cure2tron to hold joint live in December

OSIRIS and Cure2tron are going to perform live in December. Band Yarouze!'s OSIRIS and Cure2tron are to hold a join...
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