The B-PROJECT franchise celebrates its 7th anniversary with a special announcement: all groups are going to release new singles.
What started as a perfectly timed announcement on April Fools is actually B-PROJECT's newest drama CD series. Get to know all about "Wizard of Fairytale".

B-PROJECT REALMOTION LIVE 2020 gets encore stream

Avex Pictures announced that B-PROJECT REALMOTION LIVE 2020 is getting an encore stream this month. Get to know the details below.

B-PROJECT to release new single “Ryusei* Fantasia”

B-PROJECT celebrates its 6th anniversary on September 4 and among the various exciting new things coming to the franchise is a new single.

Review | B-PROJECT “Supernova”

Despite its ambitious, futuristic concept, B-PROJECT's "Supernova" suffers from bad mixing, leading to some of the murkiest and weirdest performances to date.

Review | Kitakore “Life is Swingin’ Groovin’ Show”

Kitakore continue to explore their funk-pop sound, with a peppy or cute twist to it in "Life is Swingin’ Groovin’ Show".

Review | B-PROJECT “KING of CASTE – Bird in the Cage -“

B-PROJECT’s “KING OF CASTE~Bird in the Cage~" counts with massive performances on the vocal end and exciting + tasteful instrumentals.

B-PROJECT to release 2nd full-length album “B with U” [UPDATED]

B-PROJECT's groups are back for a 2nd full-length album including for the first time cross-unit songs.

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