From impressive performances to unique music and concepts, 2D music projects were releasing quality music left and right in 2022.
The aoppella!? franchise announced the release of its 5th album, the first one featuring the newly debuted group, VadLip.

Review | Lil Happy & FYA’M’ “aoppella!? 4”

“aoppella!? 4” shows FYA’M’ and Lil Happy improving and exploring new things while delivering top-quality performances one after the other.

aoppella!? announces new group: VadLip

The acappella franchise aoppella!? has a new group joining Lil Happy and FYA’M’. Give a warm welcome to the star-studded group, VadLip!

aoppella!? Summer Festival to be held this month

Members of FYA’M’ and Lil Happy are going to meet their fans on stage in a special summer festival.

Review | aoppella!? “A”

aoppella!?’s “A” showcases all the trumps that the franchise has at its disposal while flaunting the technicality of Lil Happy and FYA’M’.

Monthly Review: Soma Saito does it again with “Rakuen”, Makoto Furukawa, Sir Vanity impress and more

Soma Saito bids goodbye to an era in his solo career with "Rakuen", Makoto Furukawa sweeps everyone off their feet with a dual single in "Ibara Rinbukyoku" and more.

aoppella!? to release 4th CD in September

FYA’M’ and Lil Happy team up with legendary acappella group The Gospellers and announce the release of the franchise's 1st album.

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