The cast and locations for this year's edition of AD-LIVE were announced. Get ready for more crazy shenanigans.
AD-LIVE's producer Kenichi Suzumura and first time participants Junya Enoki and Tasuku Hatanaka are featured in this issue.

AD-LIVE 21: Cast, dates and locations announced

A star-studded cast of seiyuu is ready for more crazy and unpredictable shenanigans in this year's edition of AD-LIVE.

AD-LIVE 20 to be released on BD and DVD

This year's edition of AD-LIVE is going to be released on Blu-ray and DVD.

AD-LIVE 20: Cast, dates and locations announced

AD-LIVE 2020 brings a cast of familiar and new faces to venues across Japan.

AD-LIVE 20: Cast, dates and locations to be announced this month

It is that time of the year! Details on this year's edition of AD-LIVE are going to be unveiled this month. If you were wondering, AD-LIVE...

AD-LIVE 2015, 2016 and 2017 available on streaming platforms

If you're in need of some good old improv comedy, AD-LIVE's got the thing for you. AD-LIVE, yearly stand-up/improv show created by Kenichi Suzumura, is...

AD-LIVE ZERO: Cast, dates and locations announced for this year’s edition

The cast for the AD-LIVE ZERO is out. AD-LIVE, yearly stand-up show created by Kenichi Suzumura, is back for another edition. AD-LIVE ZERO celebrates the show's 11th...

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