Fans get to watch the live performances from A3! BLOOMING LIVE 2022 in a special Blu-ray and DVD release hitting stores in December.
A3!'s Winter Troupe wraps up the "SUNNY EP" CD series. "A3! SUNNY WINTER EP" is scheduled for release in March 2022.

A3! THIRD Blooming FESTIVAL to be released on BD/DVD

The A3! franchise announced the release on Blu-ray and DVD of the recently held event A3! THIRD Blooming FESTIVAL.

A3! franchise to release “A3! FULL BLOOMING LP” in January

The A3! franchise is back with a new CD in 2022, compiling in-game's performances from 2021 all in one place.

A3! BLOOMING LIVE 2022 to take place in April

Following a successful A3! THIRD Blooming FESTIVAL, the A3! franchise announced that they'll meet their fans again in April 2022.

Pony Canyon unveils details on AutumnTroupe’s “SUNNY EP” CD

The details on AutumnTroupe's entry in the ongoing "SUNNY EP" CD series in the A3! franchise is out.

Pony Canyon unveils details on Summer Troupe’s “SUNNY SUMMER EP”

New details on Summer Troupe's entry in the ongoing "SUNNY EP" series are out. The cover art is out and the tracklist was updated.

A3! THIRD Blooming FESTIVAL to take place in November

The A3! franchise greets its fans with another installment of BLOOMING FESTIVAL, this time taking place in-person as well as via livestream.

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