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2022 releases

Review | Nozomu Nanase “Yoake no HERO”

Nozomu steps into the spotlight with "Yoake no HERO," a track that showcases an energetic, youthful pop-rock style reminiscent of SOARA.

Review | Kensuke Yaegashi “Cosmo*Locomotor”

Kensuke's "Cosmo*Locomotor" boasts an intriguing concept; however, a busy chorus and uninspired performance prevent it from shining bright.

Review | Soshi Kagurazaka “Overjoy -Kyoukiranbu-“

Soshi's "Overjoy -Kyoukiranbu-" is a masterclass on what a rock performance should be like with a powerful sound and control on the vocals.

Review | Tsubasa Okui “Cha-Cha-Cha”

Balancing playfulness, maturity, and suggestive tones, Tsubasa's "Cha-Cha-Cha" is a unique song showcasing a more confident and refined self.

Review | Sora Ohara “Sorairo no Love Song”

SOARA's leader Sora (CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga) leaves a trail of happiness and good memories in its path with "Sorairo no Love Song".

Review | Shiki Takamura “my redemption”

Shiki's "my redemption" showcases maturity and consistency through a unique composition and a powerful dual performance.

Shouta Aoi graces main cover of GIRLS CONTINUE vol.11

Shouta Aoi was interviewed about his 3rd album "DETONATOR" for the newest issue of the magazine GIRLS CONTINUE.

Shugo Nakamura to release mini-album “Henshin”

Singer-songwriter Shugo Nakamura is back with new music before the end of 2023, releasing the mini-album "Henshin" in November.

Review | Jin Ogasawara “Slime”

"Slime" shows Jin Ogasawara experimenting and testing his limits as a singer while creating songs with some of the craziest transitions ever.

Review | TOBARI “Yo – Lively and dazzling light”

"Yo - Lively and dazzling light" is a great entry to explore if you're interested in TOBARI's unique and exciting approaches to music.
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