2021 releases

"DON'T LET MI KNOW" further explores the maturity that Tetsuya Kakihara has been bringing to his music through a set of cool performances.
"Strangers" is a massive upgrade over the duo's debut mini-album, showing more consistency and quality on all ends.

Review | TRD “TRAD”

"TRAD" is a fantastic comeback by one of the most iconic seiyuu duos. A return to the roots but also a mature step forward in their career.

Review | “Paradox Live Shuffle Team Show vol.1”

Making the best out of the individual charms of all characters in this franchise, "Paradox Live Shuffle Team Show vol.1" impresses.

Review | Gakuto Kajiwara “Dokoka no kimi ni”

Acoustic guitar in hand and with a lot of love to give, Gakuto Kajiwara's "Dokoka no Kimi Ni" is a beautiful mini-album.

Review | Sora, Ren, Nozomu, Rikka, Dai, Shu, Eichi “Kamitoke ni Ataru Toki”

Pack your bags and join Sora, Ren, Nozomu, Rikka, Dai, Shu, and Eichi around the campfire for the adventurous acoustic tune “Kamitoke ni Ataru Toki”.

Review | Mori, Soshi, Ken, Ryota, Shiki, Tsubasa “Nagori Oni”

Traditional Japanese music meets rock for an intense shuffle track with “Nagori Oni” performed by some of TSUKIPRO’s best singers.

Review | Liar-S “Atosaki Haruka”

With a perfected post-rock/emo sound yet without changing much to its identity, Liar-S embraces this new era with a lot of emotion and power.

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