Dameraji’s “Yuttari Shite Ku?” event to be released on Blu-ray

Dameraji's first event in 3 years "Yuttari Shi Te Ku?" is getting a release on Blu-ray in April 2023.

Review | Hoshikuzu Ryodan “Ryodan Nakama wa Shinjite mo…”

The JAZZ-ON! franchise kicks off on the right foot with Hoshikuzu Ryodan's exuberant "Ryodan Nakama wa Shinjite mo…".

Review | UMake “TRIPPER!!”

UMake embrace the elegance and flamboyance of jazz to deliver the mesmerizing album "TRIPPER!!".

GOALOUS5 unveil details on “5 AHEAD!”

GOALOUS5 unveiled the tracklist, cover art and released a short version of 5 AHEAD!'s music video.

GRANRODEO and Shugo Nakamura to perform at Cho Jigen Ongaku Matsuri 2021

There are news about the lineup for next year's Cho Jigen Ongaku Matsuri.

GOALOUS5 announce release of new single

GOALOUS5 are set to release new music this year.

Junichi Suwabe, Yuki Kaji, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and more casted in “Nobunaga no Inu”

VOICARION return with yet another reading play, this time around with Nobunaga no Inu.

OREPARA -2019~WA!!!!~ to be live broadcasted today

OREPARA 2019 is going to be broadcasted today on Fuji TV TWO.

Nobuhiko Okamoto announces recovery from vocal cord surgery

Nobuhiko Okamoto's vocal cord surgery was successful and he is fully recovered.

Nobuhiko Okamoto to undergo vocal cord surgery

Nobuhiko Okamoto is going on a brief hiatus to undergo vocal cord surgery. Popular male seiyuu, solo artist...
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