2019 releases

Kashicomi brings one of the most technical lineups to the spotlight with an aggressive brand of rock that no other seiyuu unit dares try.
Swing Cats’ full band sound is exciting and fancy in "First Cats". Their swing shines and the vocals show some promise.

Uta no☆prince-sama♪Maji LOVE Starish Tours: new movie to hit theatres in 2022

Yet another piece of good news for the fans of the Uta no Prince-Sama franchise. A 2nd movie, focused on ST☆RISH hits theatres in 2022.

Review | Rei Sukigawa “Rei no Historia”

Orchestral rock paints Rei Sukigawa's "Rei no Historia" in an intense yet delicate way. Hypnotizing single.

Review | Roa Mizuki “Road to my honey!!”

Road to my honey!! is overflowing the classy touch of jazz and Mizuki Chiba's sweet vocals.

Review | infinit0 “0”

infinit0 - unit consisting of Hinata Tadokoro and Mizuki Chiba - embrace an exciting brand of rock and electronica for their debut mini-album, 0.

Wataru Hatano releases snippet of new song, Never End! Summer!

Wataru Hatano surprised his fans with the release of a special workout video featuring a new song.

Shouta Aoi releases performance video of “Always Be Together”

Shouta Aoi revisits WONDER lab. 0 with the release of the full performance of Always Be Together. Shouta Aoi released a live performance video of...

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