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Rock makes its way into the 12 SONGS GIFT series thanks to Sogo Osaka’s “Maybe”. This exciting rock tune with a rebellious touch will swiftly capture your heart, and then take the throne of best song in the series for...
Lantis unveiled today details on the new “12 Songs Gift” release featuring IDOLiSH7‘s Sogo Osaka (Atsushi Abe). For those that have been out of the loop: “12 Songs Gift” is a series of solo songs that started being released in this past...
MaM’s Ensemble Stars! Unit series CD is a unique release that brought to the table rare, unexpected elements and music genres, added smooth vocals on it and mixed everything carefully in order to impress everyone. MaM consists on Kousuke Toriumi. Title: Ensemble...
GRANRODEO unveiled today a music video snippet for "Deadly Drive". "Deadly Drive" is scheduled to be released on 21/02/2018, available in three editions: anime, regular and limited. The title track is going to be featured as the opening theme for Bungou...
Nobuhiko Okamoto's first TV show "Okamotoravel" premieres tomorrow. Behind the scenes photos featuring Okamoto and Yuki Kaji are out. The photos are the following: 【放送まであと3日!】声優・岡本信彦による新感覚旅番組「オカモトラベル」はAT-Xにて1月1日(月)13:00から放送! 初めてのトラベルは梶裕貴をゲストに迎えて富士登山にチャレンジ!! 登山のための装備ばっちりですね!#オカモトラベル pic.twitter.com/09BNPU9sjY — 【公式】「オカモトラベル」 (@okamotoravel) 29 de dezembro de 2017   【放送まであと2日!】声優・岡本信彦に旅番組「オカモトラベル」はAT-Xにて1月1日(月)13:00から放送! 最初のゲストは実力派人気声優・梶裕貴!岡本と梶の本音だらけの二人旅「富士”初”登山&ご来光ツアー」ぜひ見てくださいね!#オカモトラベル pic.twitter.com/QHEbDlNjP4 — 【公式】「オカモトラベル」 (@okamotoravel) 30 de dezembro de 2017   【放送まであと1日!】2017年も残りわずかですね! いよいよ明日の2018年1月1日、13:00からAT-Xにて「オカモトラベル」放送です! 「富士”初”登山&ご来光ツアー」と題して、岡本信彦と梶裕貴の二人の富士山トラベルは果たして…!?見てね!#オカモトラベル pic.twitter.com/GYo66TGP8s — 【公式】「オカモトラベル」...
315 STARS‘s “GLORIOUS RO@D“, song featured as ending theme for last episode of IDOLMASTER SideM anime series among other songs, are going to be released next month part of a special album. 315 STARS consist of DRAMATIC STARS, Beit, S.E.M, High✕Joker, W...
We're already in the last days of December. We look back at a year that was filled with a myriad of releases, surprises, debuts, special announcements and exciting music. Seiyuu were more than active in the music business during this past...
EXIT TUNES released yesterday a promotional video with song and drama snippets for Majiko Destroy's debut single. Majiko Destroy are a unit consisting of KENN, Natsuki Hanae, Shintaro Asanuma, Wataru Urata, Jin Ogasawara, Yoshiki Murakami and Takao Mitsutomi. The group stems from the online manga...
TSUKIPRO released today an introductory video as well as the tracklist for the upcoming "bi-color" series release featuring Vazzy's leader Tarusuke Shingaki. A short intro to this project: VAZZROCK is the newest 2.5D project by Tsukipro. The cast includes 12 characters spit into...
TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION came to an end this week. But not all is bad news, after airing the 13th episode, it was announced that the franchise will return for more and the song "Dear Dreamer" is going to be released...





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