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MEDICODE revamped their sound with the help of DIAURA's Kei, entering into darker and dramatic territory. It's not often that you find a music release as exciting and jaw dropping as this one. MEDICODE consist of Soma Saito (vocals), Yuichiro Umehara, Takuya...
"Back to Basic" had Trignal showcasing their maturity and experimenting with new music genres, embracing and polishing old concepts and tunes, all to impress and satisfy their fanbase. Title: Back to Basic Label: Kiramune Release date: 20/12/2017 Genre: J-Pop/Disco/Ballad/Rock Tracklist: 1. 原点回帰Ready Set Go! 2. ローリンローリン  3. Love...
Trickstar's "Ensemble Stars! Unit Song CD 3rd Series vol.10 Trickstar" had everything to be a top release: top tier smooth, technical vocals and funky instrumentals, however some issues kept repeating themselves across the release, making it slightly miss the...
Takuya Sato's "Monologue" is a gentle, laidback release that only asks you to enjoy it. Sweet melodies, surprising instrumentals and rock tunes, this single cover almost all bases perfectly. Title: Monologue Label: Frontier Works Release date: 08/11/2017 Genre: Rock/Pop-Rock Tracklist: 1 - 君に届けたい 2 - 千夜一恋 ~senya-ichiren~ 3...
W return with "AFTER THE RAIN". The single, despite its ups and downs, includes what we consider to be the unit's best song to date. W consist of Yoshitaka Yamaya and Takeru Kikuchi. Title: AFTER THE RAIN Label: Lantis Release date: 13/12/2017 Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 01.AFTER THE RAIN 02.Reason!!(W Ver.) 03.AFTER...
Switch struggle to impress in a release plagued with flaws in the vocal department. Switch's new Unit Song CD takes a little bit of time and a couple of listens for it to actually be enjoyable. The unit consists of Kenji Nojima, Kaito...
S.E.M's “From Teacher To Future!” is an exciting release with some mild flaws on it, flaws that are easily patched up by powerful vocals and entertaining performances. S.E.M consist of Kento Ito, Yoshiki Nakajima and Junya Enoki. Title: From Teacher To Future! Label: Lantis Release date: 13/12/2017 Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 01.From...
Beit’s TOMORROW DIAMOND is a solid and engaging release that will have you jamming along to it. A solid addition to their repertoire. Beit consist of Yuichiro Umehara, Tomohito Takatsuka and Shun Horie. Title: TOMORROW DIAMOND Label: Lantis Release date: 13/12/2017 Genre: J-Pop Tracklist: 01.TOMORROW DIAMOND 02.Reason!!(Beit Ver.) 03.TOMORROW DIAMOND -Instrumental- Track by track...
SOARA returned in mellow and mature fashion with their newest single "FRIEND", one of the band's best releases to date. Title: FRIEND Label: Tsukino Production/Movic Release date: 22/12/2017 Genre: Pop-Rock Tracklist: 1 - FRIEND Track analysis: 1 - FRIEND It's not often that SOARA embraces a quieter, simpler...
We're back with a new Oricon Weekly roundup. This article covers the first week of January - which includes singles/albums released between 01/01/2018 and 07/01/2018. This week there's no seiyuu/2.5D idol project featured in Album ranking. Let's take a look at the...





Paradox Live Stage Battle FAMILY

Review | cozmez & Akkan Yatsura “FAMILY”

Paradox Live's fans and hip-hop win in cozmez and Akkan Yatsura's battle for FAMILY.
Paradox Live PRIDE

Review | BAE & The Cat’s Whiskers “PRIDE”

BAE and The Cat's Whiskers proved their worth with intense, stylish and aesthetically pleasing songs in a battle for PRIDE.
Paradox Live Stage Battle JUSTICE

Review | The Cat’s Whiskers & Akkan Yatsura “JUSTICE”

PARADOX LIVE STAGE BATTLE "JUSTICE" counts with polarizing approaches and making different interpretations of the concept of "JUSTICE".

Review | KiLLER KiNG “Good Liar”

KiLLER KiNG go for quite the loungy, groovy sound with their new single, "Good Liar". This mature take on their sound made them shine.


VAZZY bring tropical pop alongside acoustic rock to the table for "YELLOW". Although not flawless, this is quite the entertaining single with its fair share of sweet moments.