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Seiyuu and singer Koutaro Nishiyama is going to release a special photo essay book this December. 西山宏太朗フォトエッセイ たろりずむ (Nishiyama Koutaro photo essay Tarorizumu) is going to be released in collaboration with Seigura on 22/12/2017. The cover is the following: The book has 96...
Takuya Sato unveiled today a digest video with song snippets as well as a look into the photoshoot for "Monologue". The tracklist received an update as well. "モノローグ" (Monologue) is scheduled to be released on 08/11/2017, available in regular edition. This...
Takuya Sato unveiled today the cover art for his new single "Monologue". "モノローグ" (Monologue) is scheduled to be released on 08/11/2017, available in regular edition. This is Sato's 4th single. The cover art is the following: The single will include three songs and...
Yesterday, Takuya Sato gave a snippet of Monologue's external bonuses (exclusive to the first press editions and pre-orders of the single). We take a look at those with this article. "モノローグ" (Monologue) is Sato's upcoming 4th single. After hinting on some...
Takuya Sato has wrapped up recording for "モノローグ" (Monologue), the upcoming 4th single. After hinting on some changes on his looks for the cover's photoshoot, the talented singer/seiyuu unveiled the titles of the three news songs part of this release. 【予約受付中】2017年11月8日発売の佐藤拓也4thシングル「モノローグ」収録楽曲タイトルをお知らせ!「君に届けたい」「千夜一恋...
Takuya Sato is currently working on his new single "モノローグ" (Monologue). The 33 year old seiyuu is currently doing a photoshoot for the single's cover/booklet. Sato posted several behind the scenes photos to show his new look. People were surprised when...
Takuya Sato is set to return with a new single before the end of the year. This will be the follow up to the stunning single "DAY & NIGHT", released this past July. Today, Yaremasu (Sato's radio show) account on twitter...
Takuya Sato is back with the new mini-album "DAY & NIGHT". Quality, variety and consistency mark Sato's best release to date. Title: DAY & NIGHT Label: Frontier Works Release date: 05/07/2017 Genre: Punk-Pop/Rock/Jazz Tracklist: 1 - Burning Wheel 2 - My salvation 3 - 酔闇アゲハ 4 - distance 5 - 恋花火 6 - WORLD END Track by track...
It's official! Takuya Sato will return with a new single before the end of the year. Sato's new single will drop on 08/11/2017, available in regular edition. This will be the follow up to last month's "DAY & NIGHT". More details, including...
The final details regarding Takuya Sato's newest mini-album "DAY & NIGHT" are out!  "DAY & NIGHT" is scheduled to be released on 05/07/2017 and it's available in two editions: regular and limited. The cover art is the following for each edition: The tracklist is the following: 1...





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