CABA set to release new album in 2016


Project Daba‘s seiyuu unit CABA (Daisuke Ono, Takayuki Kondo, Junji Majima and Hisayoshi Suganuma) is back with a new cover album.

The quartet is going to release their second album this year. Marine Entertainment has unveiled some details regarding this release.

More information under the cuff.

Still untitled and without a set date of release besides the ambiguous 2016, this will be CABA‘s second album, one they promise will surprise you.

The tracklist counts with the following tracks (in no particular order):

Daisuke Ono solo tracks:

  • 「桜坂」
  • 「ツバサ」

Takayuki Kondo solo tracks:

  • 「奏(かなで)」
  • 「バラ色の人生」

Junji Majima solo tracks:

  • 「With-友よ共に-」
  • 「Supernova」

Hisayoshi Suganuma solo tracks

  • 「ESCAPE」
  • 「歩いて帰ろう」
Duet tracks:

Daisuke Ono & Junji Majima – 「路傍」
Takayuki Kondo & Hisayoshi Suganuma – 「DAYS」
CABA: 「それが大事」and「田園」

The album will be available in three editions: regular, limited and animate exclusive. Pre-orders are already open on Marine Entertainment’s official store and animate.

More details will be unveiled in the following months.

You can read the source tweets from Marine Entertainment below.


SOURCE: Marine Entertainment’s official twitter account

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