buzz★Vibes “Screamin’ 2nite” (Review)

Showtaro Morikubo and Shinnosuke

buzz★Vibes, unit consisting of Showtaro Morikubo and keyboard player/music composer Shinnosuke have finally debuted. Screamin’ 2nite is a complete surprise, especially if you were expecting this unit to sound like Morikubo‘s solo work.

Title: Screamin' 2nite
Label: Lantis
Release date: 23/08/2017
Genre: Disco


1 - Screamin' 2nite

Track analysis:

1 – Screamin’ 2nite

If you’re hoping to find Showtaro Morikubo rocking, then you’ll be surprised with this song. There are no heavy guitar riffs – Morikubo‘s trademark -, no edgy solos, no high throttle melodies. Think of Screamin’ 2nite as Morikubo‘s take on Daisuke Ono‘s dance songs. It sounds exactly like that. Brass, slap bass, retro synths/percussion and funky guitar riffs play a major role in taking us back to the 60’s/70’s disco night fever. The fact that buzz★Vibes embraced disco pop caught us off guard but not in a bad way. Morikubo and Shinnosuke know what they are doing with the song and what we got was an addictive, danceable instrumental with a rich, melodic vocal performance. This is the complete opposite to Morikubo‘s solo career but we’re actually fond of this fresh new sound. To the dancefloor we go!

Final rating:

The song can be purchased on iTunes Store, animelo mix, and mora.