Broccoli unveil cover art for ST☆RISH’s “Welcome to ST☆RISH world!!” Blu-ray and DVD

Broccoli unveiled the cover art for ST☆RISH‘s first fan meeting Blu-ray and DVD.

ST☆RISH held their first fan meeting event, Uta no Prince Sama♪ST☆RISH Fan Meeting Welcome to ST☆RISH world!!, on 05/05/2018 and 06/05/2018 at Met Life Dome in Tokyo.

The event is scheduled to be released on Blu-ray and DVD on 21/12/2018.

The cover art is the following:

The fan meeting counted with special live performances and talk + variety corners.

The setlist was the following:

1. ファンタジック☆プレリュード(All)
2. ST☆RISH solo medley
   オリオンでSHOUT OUT(Kisho Taniyama)
   騎士のKissは雪より優しく(Kenichi Suzumura)
   星のファンタジア(Kousuke Toriumi)
   虹色☆OVER DRIVE!(Takuma Terashima)
   オレンジラプソディ(Junichi Suwabe)
   Independence(Mamoru Miyano)
   男気全開Go! Fight!!(Hiro Shimono)
3. ADVENT ACE(Takuma Terashima, Kenichi Suzumura, Kisho Taniyama, Kousuke Toriumi)
4. Superb Spirits(Mamoru Miyano, Junichi Suwabe, Hiro Shimono)
5. 一緒にHang in there♪(All)
6. 未来、夢、ありがとう…そして!(All)
7. ウルトラブラスト(All)
8. マジLOVEメドレー(All)
9. Welcome to UTA☆PRI RAINBOW world!!(All)

More details are going to be unveiled in the upcoming weeks. Be on the look out for more updates.

CDJAPAN only has the Blu-ray edition of Welcome to ST☆RISH world!! (including Syo and Natsuki’s bromides) available for pre-order. Other editions can be requested via their proxy service.

Source: Animate / Movic / B’sLOG (setlist info)

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