BRBRookies! “GOLDEN ENCORE!” (Review)

BRBRookies! steal the show with the upbeat jazzy tune, “GOLDEN ENCORE!“.

It was announced earlier this year that A3! were welcoming 4 new characters in the series. Wataru Hatano (Spring Troupe), Tasuku Hatanaka (Summer Troupe), Seiya Konishi (Autumn troupe) and Satoshi Hino (Winter Troupe) have joined the franchise and teamed up as BRBRookies! for a special single release.

Label: Pony Canyon
Release date: 20/06/2018
Genre: Jazz


2. 『A3!』ボイスドラマ 「ルーキーズ焼き肉」
3.  GOLDEN ENCORE! (Instrumental)

Track analysis:


In the good old musical fashion, “GOLDEN ENCORE!” is an upbeat tune that brings to the table strings, brass, jazzy piano melodies, a funky bass line and snare-y drums. The pacing is consistent, medium to uptempo at all times, delivering exciting verses and a highly entertaining chorus. Everything about this instrumental is colorful and bright while sounding classy. In the middle of this jazz tune we find some modern influences, mainly with the brief dubstep-ish percussion in certain sections of the song. Another great touch to this song was the melodic blues-y guitar solo, ready to enchant the listener upon appearance in the bridge. That solo lead the way into an ethereal section of the song that is certain to impress.

Just look at this lineup without listening to this song. Wataru Hatano, Satoshi Hino, Tasuku Hatanaka and Seiya Konishi. If you have minimal knowledge about each seiyuu/actor in this group, you’ll notice that you’ll be in for a fantastic performance with them. This lineup has everything on paper to impress. They have well versed singers with impressive low notes, vibrato and falsetto experts, high note hitters, and overall sweet singing tones. What was impressive on paper was equally impressive as the real deal in this song. BRBRookies! showcased perfect vocal balance filled with top tier vocal talent. They delivered a stunning performance filled with sweet melodies.

BRBRookies! arrive to steal the spotlight from all other troupes and lineups within the franchise. Stellar performance for an incredibly entertaining song.

Final rating:

GOLDEN ENCORE!” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN.

"A3!" Part 2 GOLDEN ENCORE! / BRBRookies! [Chikage Utsuki, Kumon Hyodo, Azami Izumida, Gai (CV: Wataru Hatano, Tasuku Hatanaka, Seiya Konishi, Satoshi Hino)
BRBRookies! [Chikage Utsuki, Kumon Hyodo, Azami Izumida, Gai (CV: Wataru Hatano, Tasuku Hatanaka, Seiya Konishi, Satoshi Hino)

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