BRBRookies! and IDOLiSH7 dominate this week’s Billboard Charts

It was an exciting week for fans of both franchises. BRBRookies! and IDOLiSH7 dominated this week’s Billboard Charts with their newest singles.

Billboard Hot Animation

Billboard Hot Animation Chart

IDOLiSH7 claimed three spots on this chart with “Nanatsuiro REALiZE” at #2, Nagi Rokuya‘s “June Is Natural” at #6 and “Viva! Fantastic Life!!!!!!!” at #8.

Billboard Hot Animation Chart
Billboard Hot Animation Chart

BRBRookies!‘s “GOLDEN ENCORE” closed the top three from this week’s Hot Animation Chart at #3.

Billboard Hot 100

On Billboard Hot 100, the most competitive of all Billboard charts, IDOLiSH7 and BRBRookies! clinched #12 and #13 (respectively).

Billboard Hot 100

Billboard Top Singles Sales

For this chart BRBRookies!‘s “GOLDEN ENCORE” claimed #3 with 21,481 copies sold during its first week of sales.

Billboard Top Singles Sales chart

IDOLiSH7‘s “Nanatsuiro REALiZE” claimed #9 with 10,210 copies sold.

Billboard Top Singles Sales chart

Congratulations are in order for both releases and franchises! Check our reviews of BRBRookies!‘s “GOLDEN ENCORE” and IDOLiSH7‘s “Nanatsuiro REALiZE“.

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  1. […] BRBRookies!, newest unit part of the A3! franchise featuring the new cast, had a stellar debut on Oricon Daily, claiming the top 5 spots upon release. The single continued its campaign without dropping from top 10 during its first week of sales. By the end of the week and with a total of 20.784 copies sold, “GOLDEN ENCORE!” got their well deserved #3. BRBRookies! also took Billboard charts by a storm. […]





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