Bokura Teki ni wa risou no Rakugo: the TV show that mixes BL with rakugo

81 Produce goes wild and presents us with a BL meets Rakugo TV show in 2021.

Yoshiki Nakajima, Kento Ito, Reiou Tsuchida and Yuki Sakakihara helm the unique BL – Rakugo crossover TV show, Bokura Teki ni wa risou no Rakugo (shortened to “Bokuraku”).

For that don’t know what rakugo is, a brief explanation:

Rakugo is a form of Japanese verbal entertainment.

The lone storyteller (rakugoka) sits on a raised platform using only a paper fan and a small cloth as props, and without standing up from the seiza sitting position, the rakugoka depicts a long and complicated comical (or sometimes sentimental) story.

Rakugo works both as a monologue or a dialogue between 2 or more characters. To tell the characters apart, the rakugoka changes his pitch, tone or does a slight turn of the head.

Bokura Teki ni wa risou no Rakugo is going to premiere on Tokyo MX and BS Nippon TV in January 2021.

A promotional video is out.

For this TV show, all 4 seiyuu will be acting as members of the rakugoka family – Mousou Tei – that specializes in telling BL stories.

The 4 rakugokas frequent a café and there they observe the customers and clerk, and develop BL stories. Those stories will be acted as well as the rakugokas imagine / craft the story.

Each episode is going to be 30 minutes long.

The music video for the TV show’s theme song, Mousou tei no Tema, is out.

Check it out below!

For more details on this TV show, make sure to check the official website (link below).

Source: Animate Times / Bokuraku official website / Bokuraku official twitter account

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