Billboard Japan unveil 2018 year-end charts

Billboard Japan unveiled their year-end charts.

Billboard Japan unveiled their year-end charts. 2018 was a year in which several 2D/2.5D projects were in the spotlight, showed their popularity and impressive sales power in a significant way.

The rankings are the following (per chart):

Hot Animation


Hot Albums

#31 - Fling Posse vs Matenro
#52 - Buster Bros!!! vs MAD TRIGGER CREW
#63 - MAD TRIGGER CREW vs Matenro

Download Songs

#66 - Division All Stars "ヒプノシスマイク-Division Battle Anthem-"

Download Albums

#27 - Buster Bros!!! vs MAD TRIGGER CREW
#69 - MAD TRIGGER CREW vs Matenro

Top Singles Sales


Top Albums Sales

#42 - Fling Posse vs Matenro
#48 - MAD TRIGGER CREW vs Matenro
#54 - Buster Bros!!! vs MAD TRIGGER CREW
#69 - Knights "Ensemble Stars! Albums series Knights"
#74 - UNDEAD "Ensemble Stars! Albums series UNDEAD"
#90 - A3! "A3! VIVID SPRING EP"
#97 - A3! "A3! VIVID SUMMER EP"

QUARTET NIGHT was the most successful and popular 2D/2.5D group of the year. Their single “FLY TO THE FUTURE“, certified GOLD by RIAJ upon release, was expected to be featured on Hot Animation and Top Single Sales‘ year-end charts so it was no surprise. QUARTET NIGHT continue to solidify their stance as the #1 male 2D/2.5D group in Japan.

On the other side, the most successful and popular franchise of the year was Hypnosis Mic. The three Battle Series releases Buster Bros!!! vs MAD TRIGGER CREW, Fling Posse vs Matenro and MAD TRIGGER CREW vs Matenro had impressive sales numbers which led to all 3 albums to be featured on Billboard’s Year-end charts.

Source: Billboard Japan

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