Best of 2016 – The results are out!


Thank you to all of our readers that participated on this poll to vote on your favorite releases in 2016.

Without you this voting wouldn’t have been possible. Just like last year, the voting itself was extremely interesting.

So who are the winners? Check them out below!


In third place we find with a total of 136 votes (representing 11,07% of total votes) what was one of the most iconic releases of the year.

#3 – Miyu Irino “Uso to mirai to”


Irino actually fared well in this voting considering that he was up against Shouta Aoi‘s three singles and Miyano Mamoru‘s astounding four singles.

In second and first places we find the sole monopolist – multi-talented Miyano Mamoru – that not only managed to release four high quality singles during 2016, but he also managed to crowd the top five spots in this poll. The second place got 15,31% of the votes (188).

#2 – Miyano Mamoru “Tempest”


The first place also belongs to him but this time with what we consider to be one of the highlight releases in 2016. It seems that not only the critics loved this side of Mamoru but his fans alike, amounting to 222 votes (18,08%).

#1 – Miyano Mamoru “How Close You Are”


This was a rather lukewarm category. The fight for the top spots was rather intense for a couple of weeks before everything seemed to stabilize and naturally the top three isolated themselves.

Releasing a fantastic single, this unit proved that they are here to dominate the seiyuu unit business. They might look like rookies but they are nothing alike when the music starts playing. Reaching our number 3, here are the sensation unit with an explosive debut:

#3 – QUELL “Believer -inori-“


Just like what happened in the solo category we also found an artist monopolizing the top spots. It’s none other than hardrockers GRANRODEO that have finally found their ground after a series of shaky releases in 2015. In second place with find the first out of the two singles released by GRANRODEO during 2016. With a total of 139 votes (22,75%), here it is:

#2 GRANRODEO “Trash Candy”

In first place is none other than GRANRODEO‘s “Shounen no Hate“, the return to the band’s trademark hard hitting, melodic sound.

#1 – GRANRODEO “Shounen no Hate”


And to complete this “Best of 2016” poll we have the “Album of the year” category. For this one only 9 releases were competing (other categories had 10 entries) due to the shortage of album releases. This category was the one more one sided than anything. There was a clear winner right from the start. There were some surprises in the voting that ultimately led to some of 2016’s best releases being excluded from the top 3. Toshiyuki Toyonaga and Kensho Ono didn’t make it to top 3.

#3 – OLDCODEX “Fixed Engine”

In third place we have OLDCODEX. “Fixed Engine” is the punk-rockers’ first Best of album, even though it was only a compilation album, the band left two new songs to their fans. “Milestone” and “Anthem” are easily some of the best we’ve heard from the band in a while. 82 fans votes on this release (representing 17,56% of the total votes).

In second place we have a surprise. One of the units that has grown the most in the past few years takes this place in what was a really close fight with OLDCODEX.

#2 – Trignal “Plus”

Trignal maintained their momentum, delivering yet another entertaining and unique album. 86 fans voted on this release (18,42%).

And the album of the year goes to… None other than the album of the year as chosen by our editorial staff. Rock, ballads, pop-rock, pop and even disco and jazz. There’s nothing he can’t do. Tacking each and every single one of this music genres, he’s managed to release his best album to date and easily the album of the year. He is…

#1 – Miyu Irino “DARE TO DREAM”

Irino managed to gather an impressive 28,05% of the total votes (131), being in first place from start to finish of the poll.

With this we conclude our annual poll “Best of “. Stay tuned for a special announcement regarding this annual poll during the summer. We have something bigger and better in the works for you.

Tell us what you think about the results? Is your favorite release featured on this top?

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