BELOVED MEMORIES (Atsushi Tamaru & Yuma Uchida) to release first album in December

BELOVED MEMORIES (Atsushi Tamaru and Yuma Uchida) announced yesterday that the duo is going to release their first album next month. Cover art, tracklist and other details are out.

BELOVED MEMORIES is a radio show hosted on Seaside Station since 2015. The hosts are seiyuu Atsushi Tamaru and Yuma Uchida. Since 2015, the duo has released several DJCDs and 3 singles. Today, the duo announced their first original full length album release.

The album is titled “BELOVED MEMORIES 1st MEMORIES~Pleasure~” and is going to be released on 15/12/2017. It’ll be available on CD +DVD edition. This album is available for purchase ahead of its release exclusively during the 「SEASIDE LIVE FES 2017 前日祭」(09/12/2017) and 「SEASIDE LIVE FES 2017〜RAINBOW〜」(10/12/2017) events. After that, the album is going to be on sale online on its official release date.

The cover art is the following:

The tracklist is the following:

1. 繋いだこの手
2. Rain
3. Improvisation
5. Always
6. Paradise☆All right!
8. 夢はいつでも(SEASIDE LIVE FES 2016)
9. Sentiment
10. 光の花

The DVD includes footage from the cover art photoshoot.

On another note: the duo announced that they are going to hold their first ever live event on 28/01/2018. More details about it – including ticketing – can be found HERE.

Source: Beloved Memories official website / Beloved Memories Official twitter account