Beit’s TOMORROW DIAMOND is a solid and engaging release that will have you jamming along to it. A solid addition to their repertoire.

Beit consist of Yuichiro UmeharaTomohito Takatsuka and Shun Horie.

Label: Lantis
Release date: 13/12/2017
Genre: J-Pop


02.Reason!!(Beit Ver.)
03.TOMORROW DIAMOND -Instrumental-

Track by track analysis:


TOMORROW DIAMOND” kicks off with a delicate piano melody and strings in pizzicato fashion, but soon evolves into something more eventful and certainly brighter. Not disregarding the strings and piano melodies (that make the core of this instrumental), this song brings to the table guitars, bassy drums and a simple bassline, a sound that fits well with the sweet vocal performances by the trio.

Umehara sure is a force to reckoned with. Regardless if it’s a solo part or a group section, his vibrato and polished mid-tones always stand out. He’s grown into one of the major weapons within Beit, being able to blend perfectly with his group mates and steal the show whenever he’s in solo mode. Horie’s vocals sure a much-needed bit of sweetness to the overall vocal performances. In a group in which mid-to-low tones are common, it’s his tone that makes the performances sound more alive and preppier, an important side to Beit’s sound. Takatsuka puts everyone on the table with this performance, delivering solid mid-tones, adding some flourishes all over the song (mainly making good use of his vibrato whenever he’s tackling a solo part), always managing to deliver consistent, satisfying performances.

Beit ended up sounding more polished and melodic than on previous releases, fantastic news for fans of the unit as they keep on improving their performances, delivering quality vocal performances on top of simple, sweet pop-rock instrumental. 5/5

02.Reason!!(Beit Ver.)

We’re not getting in too many details on this song as the full version (with the 6 main Idolmaster SideM units) has already been reviewed. “Reason!!” is the song released last year that got the first RIAJ Certified Gold record to this franchise. The song is bright in its essence, a characteristic that might not fit that well with some of the groups that originally performed this song. On the contrary, Beit seem to fit incredibly well with this tune and its overall mood. Beit are known for their bright pop songs with some electronica in the mix and a whole regal vibe around them. With this trio performing “Reason!!” without the other units we get a completely different feel from this song, one much more characteristically of this unit. Now, with more than one line to sing, Takatsuka, Umehara and Horie can show just how unique this song can actually sound with them on the spotlight. Despite its hyped up instrumental, “Reason!!” sounds more delicate with Beit on the wheel. 4.5/5

Final rating:

Beit returned with a fantastic single. In comparison with previous releases, TOMORROW DIAMOND sounds like the most complete song on their repertoire. The title track’s instrumental is rather simple, embracing a sweet pop-rock sound that has an underlining brightness ready to strike the listener. Starting from its pacing, structure, instruments and then the overall feel of the instrumental after crafted and polished, we don’t have any complaint about the instrumental. It’s well crafted, it’s build up was done perfectly well, not only grabbing our attention but also rewarding us with fine chorus and melodic sections in which Umehara and Takatsuka’s vibrato imbued vocals shone, with Horie’s vocals being not only the bright element that is the life in Beit, but that element that lights up people’s faces.

Beit’s take on “Reason!!” was as expected, completely different in feel in comparison with the original version. The song ended up sound sweeter instead of hyped (as it did in the original), after listening to the original and then to Beit’s, we can easily notice that they sure have their unique color, not only visually but also in terms of sonority and vocal performances.

Beit’s TOMORROW DIAMOND is a solid and engaging release, a nice addition to their repertoire.

TOMORROW DIAMOND” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.


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