BanG Dream! franchise introduce 2 new bands: Fujin RIZING! and εpsilonΦ

The BanG Dream! franchise welcomes two new bands.

Joining Argonavis, GYROAXIA and Fantôme Iris are two new rock bands:  風神RIZING! (Fujin RIZING!) and εpsilonΦ.


Fujin RIZING! consists on Yoshiki Nakajima (on vocals and saxophone), Atsushi Abe (Bass), Makoto Kaneko (guitar), Kodai Sakai (trombone) and Yoshino Hiroyuki (drums).

The short music video for their self-titled debut single is out.

The other band announced was εpsilonΦ (read; epsilon phi). There is no key visual released, only a short preview of what can be the debut track for the band.

εpsilonΦ consist on Yuki Sakakihara (on vocals), Gakuto Kajiwara, Taichi Ichikawa, Kei Minegichi and Shinnosuke Tachibana.

More details on this band are going to be unveiled on 15/02/2020 on a special broadcast.

Source: Argonavis official twitter accountArgonavis AAside official website