Band Yarouze!’s updates to come to a halt, uncertain future for the franchise

Band Yarouze!

Bad news for Band Yarouze!‘s fans. The app is going to stop being updated in July.

It was announced yesterday via Band Yarouze!‘s official website, that Aniplex + Sony Music are going to stop updating the game on 31/07/2018.

This announcement came as a surprise to many fans of the franchise that mentioned they were, in fact, hoping for news on an anime adaptation this year.

Starting on 31/07/2018, the app is going to stop being updated, however the game producers mentioned that there is some content to be added until then, including new songs, story, cards and events. After that date, the app is still going to be available for anyone to play their favorite songs, something that is quite unusual. Normally, when a game stops being updated, it closes at a set date, being impossible to play afterwords.

The game started to be distributed on October 12, 2016 after some hiccups that delayed its release, and counts with the following bands on its lineup: OSIRIS, BLAST, Fairy April, Cure2tron, DesTIRARE, CrystalCross and Freezing. Last year, Band Yarouze! announced the addition of a new band in 2018, Xenon. The band was introduced in-game but the cast was never announced.

The producers mentioned that later on they’ll release Information about prospective CDs, live shows and merchandise.

It is not certain whether the game will eventually cease being distributed – there was no mention of that in the official statement – however, comparing with other games that suffered the same fate (end of the updates), it’s almost certain that this franchise will be dropped and the game cease distribution.

A sad day for fans of this exciting franchise.

Source: Band Yarouze! official website

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