Band Yarouze! Christmas Duel Carnival to be released on BD/DVD

Band Yarouze!

In a surprising turn of events, Aniplex+ announced that Band Yarouze!‘s 2019 live show “Christmas Duel Carnival” is going to be released on DVD/Blu-ray.

Band Yarouze! Christmas Duel Carnival is scheduled to be released on 21/12/2022, available in DVD and Blu-ray editions.

This release includes footage from the live show of the same name held at TOYOSU PIT on December 8, 2019. Fairy April did not perform at this live show.

The box’s art is the following:

Band Yarouze! Christmas Duel Carnival

The setlist is the following:

1 - ぐるぐるマジック (Cure2tron)
2 - Swing Night (Cure2tron)
3 - メガメガトロン (Cure2tron)
5 - Beyond the Limit (OSIRIS)
6 - Shout for life (BLAST)
7 - Bloody Masquerade (OSIRIS)
8 - Bystander (BLAST)
9 - Resonance (BLAST)
10 - Voice (OSIRIS)
11 - for you... (OSIRIS)
12 - ショコラモード (Cure2tron)
13 - 祝福の花束 (Cure2tron)
14 - Alternative (BLAST)
15 - Darkness (OSIRIS)
16 - Hellow My Future (Cure2tron)
17 - One Night Carnival (Cure2tron)
18 - ロックンロール☆ショウタイム (Nerders)
19 - I’m A Superstar (JOCK & QUEEN)
20 - 旅立ちメロディ (Cure2tron)
21 - Endless (OSIRIS)
23 - Ding-Dong Rock Night (BAND YAROUZE! All Stars)
24 - Sure Shot

A promotional video is out. Check it out in the tweet below!

A snippet of the live performance of BLAST‘s “BUREIKO TIME” is out! Check it out in the video below or check Band Yarouze!’s official TikTok account!

On another note: The Band Yarouze! franchise has been on a hiatus since late 2019. There have been very punctual collaborations with other 2D music projects but other than that, the franchise had been silent up until this announcement.

Band Yarouze! Christmas Duel Carnival is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Source: Band Yarouze! official website


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