Band Yarouze! announce special event to celebrate the release of “Duel Gig 2”

Band Yarouze! announced today that a special event is scheduled to celebrate the release of the new album “Duel Gig 2“.

The special event is going to be held at Animate Girls Festival 2017 on 03/11/2017. OSIRIS‘ frontman Masanori Kobayashi (Kyo Takara) is the guest for this special talk and live event.

The mini live show is going to be free but according to the reps, there will be a special priority area (there are so conditions to have access to that area) that most fans will not have access to. For those on the priority area there will live a high-touch event with Kobayashi + special goods handed out to.

The tickets for the special priority area will be handed out at Animate Ikebukuro’s head office for those that purchase any of the 4 versions of the “Duel Gig 2” album.

Duel Gig vol.2” is the newest compilation album from the franchise. The album is scheduled to be released on 25/10/2017, available in 5 editions: regular, OSIRIS, BLAST, Fairy April and Cure2tron. For more details about this release please refer to this article.

Source: Band Yarouze! official website