B-Project unveils final details on double release “S class Paradise”

Kitakore, Thrive, KiLLER KiNG and MooNs return for a compilation double album. “S Class Paradise” will feature all songs released to date by all groups plus new tracks. B-Project released the final details earlier this well. 

S class Paradise” will have “Black” and “White” versions. Both albums are set to be released on 19/07/2017, available in regular and limited editions.


The cover art is the following for the “Black” version:

The tracklist is the following:

  1. S class Paradise [new song] / B-PROJECT
  2. the one&only [new song] / THRIVE
  3. Blooming Festa! [new song] / KiLLER KiNG
  4. 無敵*デンジャラス / B-PROJECT
  5. Karma / キタコレ
  6. 3・2・1 JUMP!! / THRIVE
  7. Glory Upper / MooNs
  8. 極上フィクション / KiLLER KiNG
  9. Mysterious Kiss / キタコレ
  10. dreaming time / THRIVE
  11. ラブ☆レボリュ / MooNs
  12. Twinkle☆Bingo / KiLLER KiNG
  13. Vivid Scenery / キタコレ
  14. Needle No.6 / THRIVE
  16. Break it down / KiLLER KiNG


The cover art is the following:

This version has two different new songs featured on the tracklist. The complete tracklist is the following:

  1. S class Paradise [new song] / B-PROJECT
  2. 時空の螺旋 [new song] / キタコレ
  3. PRAY FOR… [new song] / MooNs
  4. 永久パラダイス / B-PROJECT
  5. ワンダー☆フューチャー / キタコレ
  7. Brand New Star / MooNs
  8. Ready to YOU!! / KiLLER KiNG
  9. Wonderful Days / キタコレ
  10. Tick-tack / THRIVE
  11. パノラマ / MooNs
  12. Hungry Wolf / KiLLER KiNG
  13. 恋セヨ乙女 / キタコレ
  14. Maybe Love / THRIVE
  15. Over The Rainbow / MooNs
  16. キラキラスマイル / KiLLER KiNG

PRAY FOR…” and “the one&only” have snippets already available on B-Project‘s official website – HERE.

The limited editions for both versions of the album come with 7 tin badges.

The song “S class Paradise” is the same for both editions.

Both albums are available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

SOURCES: B-Project official website

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