B-PROJECT to release “First Duet” album in September

B-PROJECT First duet

The B-PROJECT franchise compiles all the songs in the “First Duet” digital single series in a full package hitting stores in September 2024.

B-PROJECT First Duet featured duet songs with, most of the time, shuffled lineups, mixing members from different groups.

All digital CDs were released on 03/06/2024. Now they are compiled into an album.

First Duet Album details

First Duet is scheduled to be released on 04/09/2024, available in digital version on online stores and streaming platforms.

The cover art is the following:


This release includes 2 discs. The tracklist is the following:


1 - PEACE×PEACE (Momotaro and Mikado)
2 - Beautiful Life (Tomohisa and Goshi)
3 - Double Head! (HIKARU and TATSUHIRO)
4 - UMI (YUTA and RYUJI)
5 - shine a light (YUDUKI and HARUHI)
6 - Memory (KAZUNA and AKANE)
7 - Overdrive (MIROKU and KENTO)
8 - PEACE×PEACE (Momotaro and Mikado) off vocal
9 - Beautiful Life (Tomohisa and Goshi) off vocal
10 - Double Head! (HIKARU and TATSUHIRO) off vocal
11 - UMI (YUTA and RYUJI) off vocal
12 - shine a light (YUDUKI and HARUHI) off vocal
13 - Memory (KAZUNA and AKANE) off vocal
14 - Overdrive (MIROKU and KENTO) off vocal


1 - First Duet Drama -Momotaro& Mikado ver.-
2 - First Duet Drama -Tomohisa & Goshi ver.-
3 - First Duet Drama - Hikaru & Tatsuhiro ver.-
4 - First Duet Drama - Yuta & Ryuji ver.-
5 - First Duet Drama -Yuduki & Haruhi ver.-
6 - First Duet Drama - Kazuna & Akane ver.-
7 - First Duet Drama -愛染&殿ver.-

More details on this CD are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months. Watch this space for more updates.

What is B-PROJECT?

B-PROJECT (or B-PRO) is a mixed-media project collaboration between producer and popular J-pop artist Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution) and original creator and lead planner, ChiyoMaru Shikura.

The project launched in 2015 and has spawned 2 anime series, more than 30 music and drama CDs, 1 smartphone game, and a Nintendo Switch game.

The project features 4 idol groups. Those are the following:

First Duet is currently unavailable for purchase at CDJAPAN and Amazon Japan.

SOURCE: B-Project official website / B-PROJECT official twitter account

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