B-PROJECT Ryusei Fantasia game to be launched on Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS

Awesome news for B-PROJECT‘s fans. The franchise is going to release a new game and, contrary to the first reports, it will also be available to play on smartphones.

流星*ファンタジア (Ryusei Fantasia) is a new game in the B-PROJECT franchise.

Initially, it was reported as only going to launch on Nintendo Switch.

Today, after LOVE&ART FAMILY MTG event, it was announced that not only will the game launch on Nintendo Switch but it will also be available to play on Smartphones (Android and iOS).

There is no confirmed date of launch besides that it will be in 2021.

The game is going to count with new scenarios, new music, and will be fully voiced.

A promotional video is out.

More details on both are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

SOURCES: B-PROJECT game official website