B-PROJECT Ryusei Fantasia game to launch on Nintendo Switch, Android & iOS [UPDATED]

Awesome news for B-PROJECT‘s fans. The franchise is going to release a new game and, contrary to the first reports, it will also be available to play on smartphones.

UPDATED on 09/02/2022

流星*ファンタジア (Ryusei Fantasia) is a new game in the B-PROJECT franchise.

Initially, it was reported as only going to launch on Nintendo Switch.

At LOVE&ART FAMILY MTG event, it was announced that not only will the game launch on Nintendo Switch but it will also be available to play on Smartphones (Android and iOS). This is a paid game to enjoy offline.

The prices are the following:

Nintendo Switch ™ version

  • Normal version: 8,580 yen
  • Limited edition (2 types): 10,780 yen each
  • Super limited edition (2 types): 22,880 yen each
  • Download version: 7,700 yen

iOS / Android version

  • 2,440 yen each * Purchased in bundles of 2 routes (does not include routes for all characters in the B-PROJECT franchise)

流星*ファンタジア (Ryusei Fantasia) is confirmed for release on 09/09/2021.


The game is going to count with new scenarios, new music, and will be fully voiced.

There’s several in-game modes:

  • Adventure: where you follow the stories of the groups. There are two endings, and if certain conditions are met, it will branch into epilogues (14 types)
  • Smartphone trigger: As you progress through the story, you will be able to interact with members on your smartphone.
    Depending on your choices, the intimacy will change with those characters and the story will branch out. That is done in-game through a communication app named “JOIN”. There are various contents such as work-related matters, casual contact, and private consultation. Be careful not to miss the reply timing.
  • PHONE: You will receive calls from members and staff. It is important to access the game regularly because you may receive many incoming calls about important topics. However, if you miss those, the characters will leave a voice message.
  • Special content: Achieving certain things or meeting certain conditions in the game unlocks individual stories for each member. There are “Personal Stories” and “Side Stories” to enjoy

A promotional video is out.

The opening video is out.

Smartphone port

Mages. announced that B-PROJECT Ryusei Fantasia is going to launch on Android and iOS on February 10, 2022.

The game is exactly the same as its Nintendo Switch port. This is a full-price game and not a free-to-play social game with gatcha components.


SOURCES: B-PROJECT game official website

Last updated on 09/02/2022 (Details on the smartphone game release added)

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    • Yes, as strange as it is, this is a fully offline game that you will own (thus not subject to being unplayable if it tanks or if MAGES. stops updating it, for example).
      It doesn’t surprise me that it is paid – I expected it would be to some extent, after all they went as far as having all voice actors record lines for the entirety of the game – what is weird is selling bundles of “routes” to play.

      It can cost around $150/€150 to play all routes which is… well… way too much for a game that isn’t even confirmed to have rhythm game features.


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