B-PROJECT: Kaikan Everyday to end distribution in April

Sad news for B-PROJECT’s fans as it is announced the end of distribution of B-PROJECT: Kaikan Everyday.

B-PROJECT: Kaikan Everyday will end distribution on 30/04/2020. No reason for the end of distribution was given through the official announcement made on B-PROJECT: Kaikan Everyday’s official website (link below).

Initially released as B-PROJECT Muteki * Dangerous, the smartphone game had a troubled support. It was launched in 2017 and changed developers in 2018 – from S & P to MAGES. -, changing the name to B-PROJECT: Kaikan Everyday in the process. In 2019 the game was target of a major revamp and fans were excited for what seemed like a new beginning for the game.

Today, it was announced via B-PROJECT game‘s official twitter account that the game will end distribution in April.

According to B-PROJECT/MAGES., the game will still be playable until the date of end of distribution.

The game joins Tsukipara, Band Yarouze!, Yumeiro Cast, Starry Palette and many other idol/band games that recently stopped distribution.

SOURCE: B-PROJECT: Kaikan Everyday official website