B-PROJECT franchise to hold 3-days of live shows


The B-PROJECT franchise has big plans to celebrate its 5th anniversary this year.

B-PROJECT celebrates its 5th anniversary this year. To celebrate it in style with their fans, it was announced that THRIVE are going to hold a new solo live and the whole B-PROJECT franchise are going to perform in a 2-Days live.

THRIVE’s new solo live is titled THRIVE LIVE 2020 -MUSIC DRAGGER- and is going to be held at Makuhari Messe Event Hall on 21/11/2020.

In the following day, THRIVE join MooNs, KiLLER KiNG and Kitakore for a franchise 2-days live.

B-PROJECT REALMOTION LIVE 2020 is going to be held at Makuhari Messe Event Hall on 22/11/2020 and 23/11/2020.

A note that it is mentioned that for B-PROJECT REALMOTION LIVE 2020, the cast won’t be in attendance. At the moment there are no further details on the format of the live.

For more details on both lives, please refer to official websites (link below).

SOURCES: B-Project official website / Pash+ (on THRIVE’s live)