ASTRAGALUS releases preview of “Bet, the Dead”

GANG×ROCK released a preview of ASTRAGALUS‘ debut song.

GANG×ROCK, music project created by Techno Art that mixes “delinquents” and “bands” in the same place, introduced a new band to their franchise. ASTRAGALUS joins Odin;s, Enriedo, WaTCH DoGS and Kouriyo Rengoukai (蛟龍連合会).

Here’s the key visual (character design by Tamaoo Shira):

ASTRAGALUS consists of Masanori Kobayashi (Band Yarouze!’s OSIRIS), Kentaro Kumagai (SideM’s FRAME), Jun Kasama (SideM’s Legenders) and Yasuaki Takumi (Alchemist).

Bet, the Dead is the group’s debut song. This single was planned for release but, according to a statement in the official website, the release has been postponed to date to be announced.

A promotional video is out.

More details are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

SOURCE: GANG×ROCK official twitter account