Argonavis release live performance video of “VOICE”

Argonavis released a live performance video of VOICE.

Argonavis is a 2.5D band project born by the hands of BanG Dream!, a media mix project featuring animation music videos, comics, music, between many other things. The band consists of Masahiro Ito (vocals), Shuuta Morishima (keyboards), Seiji Maeda (bass), Daisuke Hyuga (guitar) and Shohei Hashimoto (drums).

A performance video of VOICE, from Argonavis‘ participation in BanG Dream! Argonavis 1st LIVE, was released.

On another note: Argonavis are going to release a new single in August. Check THIS article for more details.

Source: Argonavis official twitter account