Argonavis LIVE SELECTION to be released on YouTube


ARGONAVIS are going to release today a special compilation video on YouTube.

For fans of ARGONAVIS, this day couldn’t be better!

The band is going to release today a special compilation video titled Argonavis LIVE SELECTION on their official YouTube channel at 17h JST.

This is going to be aired as an “opening performance” for today’s ARGONAVIS 3rd LIVE CROSSING “Sound Only Live, DAY 3 of the “sound only” live series.

The playlist for Argonavis LIVE SELECTION is the following:

1 - Cover Song (0-1st LIVE –始動-)
2 - Cover Song (0-2nd LIVE –始動-)
3 - Cover Song (0-BEYOND LIVE –始動-)
4 - Cover Song (1st LIVE)
5 - 流星雨  (1st LIVE)
6 - Cover Song 1.5th LIVE
7 - ゴールライン 1.5th LIVE
8 - Steady Goes! (2nd LIVE)
9 - Cover Song (2nd LIVE)
11 - VOICE (2nd LIVE)
12 - 星がはじまる (2nd LIVE)

Make sure to check the video below to know at what time the broadcast begins in your timezone.

You won’t want to miss cool rock music by one of the most exciting projects of the moment.

For more details on this special compilation, please refer to ARGONAVIS’ official website (link below). Check ARGONAVIS 3rd LIVE CROSSING “Sound Only Live” DAY 3 for more details on today’s live stream.

Source: ARGONAVIS official website / ARGONAVIS official twitter account

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