ARGONAVIS AAside New Year Event Nabi Hajime to be held in January


Argonavis and GYROAXIA welcome 2021 with a special event.

ARGONAVIS AAside New Year Event “ナビ初め” (Nabi Hajime) is going to be held at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL on 09/01/2021 at 18h00 JST.

Confirmed to attend this event are:

  • Argonavis (Masahiro Ito, Shuuta Morishima, Seiji Maeda, Daisuke Hyuga, Shohei Hashimoto)
  • GYROAXIA (Jin Ogasawara, Shinichi Hashimoto, Takumi Mano, Hiroto Akiya, Kousuke Miyauchi)

The New Year event is going to be split into 2 parts.

The first part is going to count with variety & talk corners to talk about the plans for new year. There will be talk about the upcoming smartphone game, ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream! AAside.

The 2nd part is going to count with with a new original story performed live.

For more details on the live – including ticketing – please refer to the official website (link below).

Source: ARGONAVIS official website