aoppella!? to release 5th CD in April 2023

The aoppella!? franchise announced the release of its 5th album, the first one featuring the newly debuted group, VadLip.

aoppella!? 5” is scheduled to be released on 21/04/2023 and will be available in 3 editions: Lil Happy, FYA’M’, and VadLip.

The album was initially set for a release on 24/03/2023 but due to production delays, it had to be postponed for a release in April.

The cover art is the following for each edition:

The tracklist is the following for each edition:

Lil Happy

1 - 空に手を伸ばして(drama track)
2 - アオペラ決勝当日! リルハピパート(drama track)
3 - アオペラ決勝当日! リルハピ+FYA’M’共通パート(drama track)
4 - アオペラ出番直前! リルハピパート(drama track)
5 - Touch the sky
6-7 - 歌唱を終えて リルハピパート(drama track)
8 - 結果発表(全形態共通 drama track)
9 - 番外編:僕たちリルハピのライブに足りないものって?(drama track)


1 - アオペラ出番直前! FYA’M’パート(drama track)
2 - カラフル
3 - 歌唱を終えて FYA’M’パート(drama track)
4 - アオペラ決勝当日! リルハピ+FYA’M’共通パート(drama track)
5 - アオペラ決勝当日! FYA’M’パート(drama track)
6 - アオペラ決勝当日! FYA’M’+VadLip共通パート(drama track)
7 - 因縁の邂逅を終えて(drama track)
8 - 結果発表(全形態共通 drama track)
9 - 番外編:「カラフル」に描く日常(drama track)


1- 3 - すれ違う思い、譲れないプライド(drama track)
4 - アオペラ決勝当日! VadLipパート(drama track)
5 - アオペラ決勝当日! FYA’M’+VadLip共通パート(drama track)
6 - アオペラ出番直前! VadLipパート(drama track)
7 - King Of Voxxx -5人ver.
8 - 歌唱を終えて VadLipパート(drama track)
9 - 結果発表(全形態共通 drama track)
10 - 番外編:あるライブの打ち上げ(drama track)
11 - King Of Voxxx

The full music videos VadLip‘s debut song “King of Voxxx” and Lil Happy‘s “Touch the sky” are out. Check it out in the video below!

The highlight medley is out!

What is aoppella!?

aoppella!? “is KLab’s latest original multimedia music project built on the themes of “youth” and “a cappella”!

The project features 3 groups specializing in performing acapella music: Lil Happy, FYA’M’ and VadLip.

For reference: Acappella music consists of group or solo performances without instrumental accompaniment, or a piece intended to be performed in this way.

To get to know all there is about aoppella!?, check THTFHQ’s original feature on it.

aoppella!? 5” is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

aoppella!? 5 / aoppella!? (Riruhapi, FYA'M')
aoppella!? (Riruhapi, FYA’M’)
aoppella!? 5 / aoppella!? (Riruhapi, FYA'M', VadLip)
aoppella!? (Riruhapi, FYA’M’, VadLip)
aoppella!? 5 / aoppella!? (FYA'M', VadLip)
aoppella!? (FYA’M’, VadLip)

Amazon Japan also ships this CD internationally and has special versions of all 3 editions (Lil Happy, FYA’M’ and VadLip) of this CD including a bonus can badge.

SOURCE: aoppella official Twitter account (postponement announcement)


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