aoppella!?: a whole new world for 2D projects

A new 2D music franchise is here and this is one no one could have predicted: male seiyuu performing acapella of J-pop songs in aoppella!?.


Aoppella!? “is KLab’s latest original multimedia music project built on the themes of “youth” and “a cappella”!

The project counts of 2 groups specialized in performing acapella music and representing 2 fictional schools: Otowa Public High School and Kanadezaka Private High School.

For reference: Acappela music consists of group or solo performances without instrumental accompaniment, or a piece intended to be performed in this way.


It was on that unforgettable day that the boys found themselves changed.
In front of them were ordinary high school students just like them. There were no flashy costumes or musical instruments.
But the moment they began to sing a surreal harmony filled the air and the crowd went wild.

“We want to sing like that! We want to shine, too!”

High school students captivated by the art of a cappella aim for the top in the exclusive high school a cappella contest, “Aoppella”. They try to perfect their pitch as the show is about to begin!

Announcement broadcast

The project was announced on 04/03/2021 via a special YouTube livestream.

You can check it out in the video below.


Aoppella!? counts with 2 acapella groups representing 2 fictional schools.

The lineups for each group (including positions within the groups) are the following:

Otowa Public High School

The lineup is the following (from left to right in the image above):

  • Sayo Soenji (CV: Tomoaki Maeno) – Bass vocal
  • Michitaka Kariyazono (CV: KENN) – 3rd part
  • Hajime Suzumiya (cv: Ryohei Kimura) – 2nd part
  • Luka Shihou (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara) – 4th part
  • Rin Tanba (CV: Ryota Osaka) – Top part

Kanadezaka Private High School

The lineup is the following (from left to right in the image above):

  • Asaharu Soenji (CV: Takuya Sato) – 4th part
  • Akira Shigaki (CV: Wataru Urata) – 2nd part
  • Mitsuo Ayase (CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga) – Top part
  • Maito Coresawa (CV: Yuki Ono) – 3rd and lead parts
  • Yui Nekoyashiki (CV: Daiki Hamano) – Bass parts
  • Fukami Shinkai (CV: Shugo Nakamura) – Percussion (i.e. beatboxing)

First cover

Kanadezaka Private High School members covered “Hakujitsu” by King Gnu, and members of Otowa Public High School covered “Pretender” of Official HIGE DANdism.

Check it out now on the official YouTube channel!

Cast comments

Hajime Suzumiya CV: Ryohei Kimura

Aoppella is finally starting! Not only are the a cappella songs amazing, but the characters and the drama surrounding them are also fun and very compelling. Please enjoy it!

Rin Tanba CV: Ryota Osaka

a cappella was a first for me so the recording was difficult, but I took my time with it and I think we made good music. After recording, they mixed the songs and I was amazed that it really was a cappella! I think we can deliver something that exceeds expectations.

Michitaka Kariyazono CV: KENN

10 years have passed and now the project has been revived as aoppella! I am truly honored to be a part of it. I look forward to contributing one note in the song that will make up this story, as the character Michitaka Kariyazono. A cappella. Last time I gave it my all and this time I plan to do the same!

Luka Shihou CV: Tetsuya Kakihara

“perabu!” The 10 years that we have waited to make this a reality have gotten up ready for aoppella!

Sayo Soenji CV: Tomoaki Maeno

I am glad to be back. It will be thanks to your support that we can grow together with these characters.

Maito Coresawa CV: Yuki Ono

I’m happy to be able to participate in this project again! I hope you can enjoy not just their challenge, but ours as well!

Mitsuo Ayase CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

A cappella? No, it’s aoppella! I hope that this journey with a cappella leaves you feeling youthful!

Akira Shigaki CV: Wataru Urata

For the first time, I will challenge the complex genre of a cappella! It was a very good experience because it is a genre that I don’t usually deal with. The recording was more fun than I expected, so I want to keep learning more about a cappella in the future!

Asaharu Soenji CV: Takuya Sato

Looking at the project and the members, I got excited and had to comment, “This looks interesting!” Please stay tuned! I’ll do my best!

Yui Nekoyashiki CV: Daiki Hamano

Congratulations on the start of aoppella! I’m really looking forward to it. As Yui Nekoyashiki, I want to do everything I can to impress everyone who supports this project.

Fukami Shinkai CV: Shugo Nakamura

We will take on the art of a cappella, with only voice actors! I don’t know what will happen, but I’ll do my best, so I’d be grateful if you could watch us in this endeavor!

[UPDATED] It was confirmed that the franchise will be covering songs as well as releasing their own original songs.

SOURCE: Aoppella official website / Klab (official voice actor comments on the project)

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  1. I am hoping that aopella would be a mix of covers and original songs as well. And here’s to also hoping that they do a behind the scenes of the recording! I really wanna see how they do it

    It still makes me sad that we can no longer listen to Hosoya’s singing voice. I really do hope in the future there wouod be some sort of a treatment to cure his vocal cords because he is definitely one of the best singing seiyuu out there.

    Did he sing in Starmyu though? I’m not sure about this but I think he did.

    • It seems that it will be a mix of covers and original songs!
      The behind the scenes footage would be really awesome to get (hoping they do this!).

      Hands down one of the best singing seiyuu. We can only hope and reminisce in the music he’s gifted us with in the past.

      I believe he sang in the 1st and 2nd seasons (not in the 3rd season though), quite possibly the last time we got to listen to his singing…

  2. Ahhh I just watched their MV and it’s so good! I didn’t know what it is but I instantly remembered Perabu! Perabu sadly wasn’t big even though their songs were great but I have high expectations for Aopella now

    I’m just sad that they didn’t include Hosoya as well though. The only one from Perabu cast that isn’t in here

    • @akashiakaashi This project is looking – and sounding – really good! Excited for what it will offer!

      Unfortunately, after surgery, Hosoya no longer can sing – if he does, he risks irreversibly damaging his vocal cords, hence he’s not in this project (or any music project for that matter, exception for Tsukiuta in which he retained his role but only for the drama CDs).

      Would have loved for him to be here though as he had such a sweet singing voice perfect for acappella.

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