Aoppella!?: 2nd CD in the works + new song covers on the way [UPDATED]

FYA’M’ and Lil Happy’s songs are now on streaming platforms, a 2nd CD is in the works and there are new songs in lined up to be covered. Exciting times for fans of the franchise.

A brief introduction

aoppella!? “is KLab’s latest original multimedia music project built on the themes of “youth” and “a cappella”!

The project counts with 2 groups specialized in performing acappela music and representing 2 fictional schools: Otowa Public High School (Lil Happy) and Kanadezaka Private High School (FYA’M’).

For reference: Acappela music consists on group or solo performance without instrumental accompaniment, or a piece intended to be performed in this way.

To get to know all there is about aoppella!?, check THTFHQ’s original feature on it.

Music available on streaming platforms worldwide

It seems that the wait wasn’t long! Starting from May 17, 2021, all original songs by FYA’M’ and Lil Happy are available on streaming platforms worldwide.

The following songs are now on streaming platforms (Spotify links below):

For other streaming platforms, please refer to the following links: FYA’M’ and Lil Happy.

2nd CD + New covers

It was announced this Monday after the special livestream to celebrate the release of aoppella!?’s first CD that the franchise’s groups will be back with new covers as well as original songs.

At the moment there are no additional details on when the new CD will be release however aoppella!? made sure to confirm that it is already in production and asks fans to wait a bit for more details.

At the same time, it was confirmed that FYA’M’ and Lil Happy will be covering popular songs once again.

FYA’M’ will cover BUMP OF CHICKEN‘s 天体観測 (Tentai kansoku) whereas Lil Happy will be covering DISH‘s 猫 (Neko).

Both full version covers are out. Check them out in the official videos below!

More details on both the new CD and covers are going to be unveiled in the upcoming days.

SOURCE: aoppella official website

Last updated on 29/07/2021

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  1. Oh hey! I wanted to ask this when I read the article when it came out but I forgot. In your opinion, what kind of song would you hope they release for each unit? I really hope it’s something similar to the one they covered for Lil Happy because their vocal range really fit that genre and for Fyam, I hope they do a complete 180 from their first song. Not gonna lie but the first song was a shock. I didn’t expect them to go down that route for the first song but they nailed it! So what do you think on the kind of song they should go for next?

    • Hey @akashiakaashi! That’s an awesome question!

      I love it when groups/artists push themselves to perform music genres people wouldn’t usually think they’d be good as well as showcasing versatility. I love a good twist or surprise on the vocal end.

      Thus, I’d love it if FYAM went the emotional route for their next original song.
      With their balanced mix of high and lower toned singers, a solid mid-range plus percussion, I believe they can tackle ballads with no issue.

      Given how Lil Happy have a lineup of mostly tenors I’d love for them to put their emotional range to test and thus release a bittersweet ballad (something of similar tone to Aimer’s 六等星の夜).

      Now, if you ask me which songs I want both groups to cover… man I do have a lot of songs I believe would fit both groups (and would work well in an acappella arrangement).
      It would take a long post for me to go over all the songs and why those would fit each group xD

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