Yuma Uchida, Shouta Aoi and more join lineup for Anisama 2019


anisama 2019

The 1st batch of performers for this year’s Animelo Summer Live is out.

Animelo Summer Live 2019 -STORY- is going to be held at Saitama Super Arena from 30/08 to 01/09. Yuma UchidaShouta Aoi, Takuma Terashima, IDOLMASTER SideM, buzz★Vibes are part of the 1st batch of artists confirmed to perform at this year’s edition.

The dates and performances are:

  • 30/08 – fhána, sphere, Suzuko Mimori, Konomi Suzuki, Masayoshi Oishi, i☆Ris, Roselia, ReoNa, Kaori Ishihara
  • 31/08 – Minami, Minori Chihara, TRUE, Inori Minase, IDOLMASTER SideM, Asaka, Takuma Terashima, Minori Suzuki,
  • 01/09 – Yuma Uchida, Shouta Aoi, buzz★Vibes, Maaya Uchida, TrySail, ZAQ, JAM Project, Spira Spica, Poppin’Party, Eir Aoi

More artists are going to be added to the lineup.

At the same time details on this year’s theme song are out. CROSS STORIES is scheduled to be released digitally on 17/05/2019.

The cover art is the following:

anisama 2019

The tracklist is the following:

(performed by Asaka, Kaori Ishihara, Masayoshi Oishi, ZAQ, Konomi Suzuki, sphere, TRUE, towana(fhána), Mikiha(Spira Spica), Suzuko Mimori) 
2. ONENESS (15th Stories) 
(performed by Masami Okui, Masayoshi Oishi, ZAQ, Konomi Suzuki, TRUE, Shugo Nakamura, Suzuko Mimori, Minami)

SOURCE: Animelo Summer Festival official website