Anidol Colors franchise to celebrate 3rd anniversary with special event

Anidol Colors

The Anidol Colors franchise is going to hold a special event this month to celebrate its 3rd anniversary.

Anidol Colors 3rd Anniversary Event ~Side MOON~ is going to be held at Nissho Hall in Tokyo on 23/01/2021.

The event is going to count with 2 sessions: Majestic Story and Clarity.

This event is going to be held to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the Anidol Colors’ smartphone game.

Confirmed to attend this event are the following voice actors:

  • Majestic Story: Shinnosuke Tachibana, KENN + Yuto Suzuki (host)
  • Clarity: Masatomo Nakazawa, Tasuku Hatanaka, Shuuta + Yuto Suzuki (host)

For more details on this event, please refer to the official website (link below).

SOURCE: Anidol Colors official website