Ani-PASS unveil covers with Mamoru Miyano and Kensho Ono

Ani-PASS unveiled today the covers for the magazine’s first issue. Mamoru Miyano and Kensho Ono grace both covers.

Ani-PASS‘s inaugural issue has Mamoru Miyano on its cover. The cover is the following:

His feature counts with an interview about “MAMORU MIYANO presents M&M THE BEST” as well as a photoshoot. Kensho Ono is featured on the back cover. He was interviewed about the upcoming single release, “FIVE STAR“. Ono‘s back cover is the following:

Aside from Miyano‘s main feature, this magazine comes with interviews with Yuma Uchida, Tasuku Hatanaka and Miyu Irino.

Ani-PASS‘ first issue hits the stores on 07/06/2018.

SOURCE: Amazon Japan