Amasashio release music video for “Kimi ni dake no LOVE SONG”

Amasashio released the full music video for their debut single “Kimi ni dake no LOVE SONG”.

Amasashio, seiyuu unit consisting of Naru Hamano, Tsubasa Sasa and Fumiyoshi Shioya, are going to debut with the single 君にだけのLOVE SONG (Kimi ni dake no LOVE SONG) on 29/03/2019. This single is going to be available in 4 editions: Amasashio, Ama, Sa and Shio.

The cover art is the following for each edition:


The tracklist is the following for the Amasashio edition:

01 - 君にだけのLOVE SONG
02 - 推しの王子様(Amasashio ver.)
03 - 君にだけのLOVE SONG -off vocal-
04 - 推しの王子様 -off vocal-

Depending on the edition purchased, the TRACK 02 – 推しの王子様 – is performed by the member that gives name to that edition (i.e Sa edition – 推しの王子様 performed by Tsubasa Sasa).

The full music video for Kimi ni dake no LOVE SONG is out.

君にだけのLOVE SONG (Kimi ni dake no LOVE SONG) is going to be available for pre-order at Anime Japan 2019.

Source: Amasashio official twitter account