About our Hypnosis Mic BATTLE SEASON article: an apology

It has come to our attention that our article on Hypnosis Mic’s BATTLE SEASON series results ended up causing an uproar on twitter.

THTFHQ’s team felt the need to put it out in the open our take on this situation.

It was initially mentioned on our article “ (…) both crews (Buster Bros!!! and Fling Posse) won’t release more music for this series.“. This sentence was more than enough to make some passionate fans angered or confused, thinking that the franchise was going to end after this series’ end.

It was never in our intentions to create such an uproar nor confusion within the fanbase.

No one is a master communicator, able to put perfectly into words what they are thinking or want to say, and this time around, it was our message that came across differently when we thought it was clear as day.

First off, to all those that don’t know us and just came across that article, we’re THTFHQ, a Portuguese website that, since 2010, have been working towards promoting music releases by male seiyuu, all written in English. We’ve been reporting news on the Hypnosis Mic franchise since day one, when almost everyone was making fun of this franchise and its concept, saying how it would fluke in no time (ironically, some of those are now fans of the franchise). While this isn’t our direct addressing of the issue, we felt that we needed to say this, showing that we’re committed into promoting this franchise and their impressive music. We’re fans first, then THTFHQ’s members.

Then, we have a question about the terminology.

Again, we’re not experts in that field, however, if you’ve been following us since our foundation in 2010, you’d know that we use the terms “FRANCHISE” and “SERIES” in different situations.

We’ve always mentioned franchises as brands. I.e. Hypnosis Mic, IDOLiSH7, Utapri.

And series as projects within the franchises. I.e. BATTLE SERIES, 12 SONGS GIFT, DUET SERIES.

Back to the article that created the “uproar”. We initially (since then it was fixed) wrote “both crews (Buster Bros!!! and Fling Posse) won’t release more music for this series.Series is here as in “BATTLE SEASON” series. That’s just what we meant when we wrote that.

If you remember or know about our first article about the BATTLE SEASON series, we mentioned that the eliminated crews wouldn’t release more music for this series. It seems that, at that time, everyone understood what was being said. It was clear. No more music within that series, which is a project within a franchise. No one thought that the Hypnosis Mic franchise was going to end.

This time around, it’s no different. Buster Bros!!! and Fling Posse ended up being eliminated, with that elimination they won’t release more music in the BATTLE SEASON SERIES, that’s because there’s only one release left, the final battle.

While our team understands that there could have been a misunderstanding, especially if those reading the article aren’t familiar with our writing and terminology, a calm read and cross-reference of our articles on the series would have been enough to avoid any misunderstanding. The Hypnosis Mic franchise is alive and kicking, close to achieving gold record certifications and impressing everyone both domestically and overseas, why would there be an end to the franchise in such a high moment for them? We understand why people would get stressed or angered about this, we, as fans, are also passionate about our favorite crews and want more music, more projects from them. An end would be frustrating to say the least.

And with this, we are not in any way excusing ourselveswe’re to blame partially, and we’re well aware that we should have been clearer while reporting that news – however, we also know that there’s some fault on the other side that led to this misunderstanding.

With how the internet is nowadays, it’s easy to spread false information, and that goes both ways. All that’s enough is someone with reach on social media (followers or a fanbase) and a misunderstanding on their part, which leads to a rant or a simple comment that gets retweeted or liked a couple of times. That’s how you cause an uproar like this one.

Once again, it goes both ways.

A news website should, at the same time, always strive to deliver the best and most accurate content they can to their readers, especially when that work involves translating. In our 8 years as an active website, we have always taken pride in our accurate news reporting and every time something was a mistaken or incorrect, we always fixed it and were open to our readers’ input (that have helped us out fixing most of those inaccuracies or even translating some things).

An advice to those that misunderstood what we meant and started spreading it like wildfire on social media before cross-referencing anything: When reading comments from anyone you follow on the web, first check the source, read it for yourself and avoid falling into mob mentality.

On our side we apologize from the bottom of our hearts for this misunderstanding. It was never in our attention to create such situation, nor spread misleading information. Our team will continue to diligently report news on music projects by your favorite male seiyuu, now with even more care, conciseness and clarity while breaking the news to you in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Once again, our team is sorry for what happened and hopes that we can, through our hard work, regain your trust after this situation.

THTFHQ’s editor-in-chief and founder,


Vanessa Silvahttps://www.handthatfeedshq.com
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