A3ders! to release new single in 2018

A3! celebrates 1 year since its launch in 2018. The big news include a new story season and A3ders! comeback with a new single.

With the announcement of a new story season to open in 2018, just in time to celebrate the game’s first anniversary, came the confirmation that A3ders! will be returning with a new single. A3ders! is unit consisting of all troupe’s leaders: Kodai Sakai (Spring), Takuya Eguchi (Summer), Chiharu Sawashiro (Summer) and Atsushi Tamaru (Winter). The unit recently got their debut release ” MANKAI☆開花宣言“, released earlier this year, certified gold by RIAJ.

Still untitled, the new single is scheduled to be released on 07/03/2018. The title track is going to be featured as the main theme for the 2nd story season.

Fans can expect one song, its instrumental and a drama track on this release. At the moment the tracklist is still incomplete:

2. A3ders! Voice Drama
3. [TO BE ANNOUNCED] (Instrumental)

More details on this release will be unveiled in the upcoming months. Be on the look out for more updates from us. The single is still unavailable for pre-order.

SOURCE: 4gamer