A3!: Wataru Hatano, Satoshi Hino, Tasuku Hatanaka and Seiya Konishi join the franchise

The A3! franchise welcomes new cast for upcoming 2nd story season.

It was announced yesterday, after a special live event to celebrate the game’s 1st anniversary since its release, that there’s new cast joining A3!. All troupes welcome a new member for the second story season.
A special video including A3ders! new song shed some light over the new members.

Joining the Spring troupe is Wataru HatanoTasuku Hatanaka joins the Summer Troupe, Seiya Konishi joins the Autumn troupe and Satoshi Hino joins the Winter Troupe.
Details about the characters and the first visuals are already up on A3!‘s official twitter account (link below).

SOURCE: A3! official website / A3! official twitter account