A3! announce release of special character CD featuring new cast

The A3! franchise announced today the release of a new character CD.

It was announced today, during Winter Troupe‘s special broadcast on Nico Nico, that the franchise is going to release a new character CD featuring the new cast.
As reported earlier this month, Wataru Hatano (Spring Troupe), Tasuku Hatanaka (Summer Troupe), Seiya Konishi (Autumn troupe) and Satoshi Hino (Winter Troupe) joined the franchise.

The new character CD is scheduled to be released on 20/06/2018.

The tracklist is going to include a total of three tracks – one song featuring all new characters, a drama track and an instrumental track.
More details on this release are going to be released closer to its release date. Be on the look out for more updates from us.

SOURCE: A3! official website / A3! official twitter account