A “special” seiyuu unit within Rejet’s roster. Meet Pentacle.

Rejet is starting to make a big mark in the music market, with their best selling seiyuu units Marginal #4, Lagrange Point and rookies Unicorn Jr., but the company owned by CEO and lyricist Daisuke Iwasaki is far away from having a complete unit roster.

Meet Pentacle, the newest seiyuu unit on the block, under the wings of Rejet.

The unit consists of Soma Saito, Wataru Hatano, Takashi Kondo, Subaru Kimura and Daisuke Hirakawa.

The majority of the seiyuu in this unit have prior singing experience – have solo or group/unit debuted before – the only seiyuu that hasn’t officially debuted but has already shown a powerful vocal potential is Soma Saito, member of SolidS and part of FlyMe Project with MEDICODE (visual-kei band). With incredibly energetic performances,  fitting well in both visual-kei rock as well as pop, he’s got some trumps with himself.

devils cast

Wataru Hatano has a solid solo career and has been part of several seiyuu units in the past. Takashi Kondo and Daisuke Hirakawa also solo debuted in the mid 00’s but are not active anymore. The German surprise in the roster Subaru Kimura has a hip-hop project of his own.

With this roster, lyrics by Daisuke Iwasaki and music, not from Rejet‘s number 1 choice, MIKOTO, but from ELEMENTS GARDEN, we’re in for some surprises – at least we’re hoping for them.

If PENTACLE are going to be a full fledged seiyuu unit like some of the units under Rejet, we don’t know. It might be a one time collaboration just for the anime, at least the words “special” next to the unit’s name is a self explanatory detail, but we know that Iwasaki is always there to surprise us with his decisions.

For those following Rejet‘s musical endeavors you know that for several times they featured voice actors (seiyuu) singing opening or ending themes for their projects, but nothing that required a group name.

  • Exhibit A: Diabolik Lovers‘ stellar roster always has some of the main actors singing the opening/ending themes for the games/anime, but when we take a look at the credits it’s only stated, for example: “Ayato Sakamaki, Shuu Sakamaki and Subaru Sakamaki” – so, to put this simply, not as a unit. It was a way to give fans what they wanted and save Rejet‘s money with outsourcing artists to perform those songs.
  • Exhibit B: This is something along the lines of STYLE FIVE, the unit made specifically with the members of swimming anime “Free!”, a major hit in Japan – as soon as the series ended there are no signs of the unit coming back.
  • Exhibit C: Although it’s stated that the YONKOU GAKUEN SEITOKAI is singing the other track titled 「革命前夜 -The Eve of the Revolution-」, Rejet thoroughly states that the unit consists of the main male seiyuu in the series not the characters.

For this fall’s music/shoujo anime “Dance With Devils” we’re presented with a group name. It’s not like we’ll be presented with some pseudo “Starish“, on the contrary, it seems like it has nothing to do with music but has that musical premise on it. No idols, no music groups, just a musical anime with sadistic guys/demons that has all the potential to turn out to be shady.

Anyway, the unit is going to have their “debut” with this anime series, singing the ending theme “Mademoiselle” – song that still has its preview available online on Dance With Devils official website. But their first release comes with yet another track: 「革命前夜 -The Eve of the Revolution-」, and that’s where people start to speculate if this unit is only for the show or for something bigger. We’ll need to see how things develop in the next few months to ascertain what will be the status of this unit.

On a side note: PENTACLE is scheduled to make their stage debut in the special event “Try Out“, an event made especially for a premiere screening of the first episode of the series, have a little talk event and the live performances by Wataru Hatano with his new single “Kakusei no Air“, the opening for the series, and the ending theme performed by PENTACLE.

Rejet already has the single available in almost every physical and online store in Japan. CDJAPAN is no exception.

Mademoiselle” is available for pre-order in its two editions (regular and CD + DVD) on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

SOURCE: Dance With Devils official website / Dance With Devils official twitter account / Thanks @es0805 for the update regarding the preview for Mademoiselle

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  1. I hope the group will not be just for the series!! And maybe after the series finish they can continue with otome drama CD or so.. Usually it’s the other way around with Rejet producing drama CD first then goes to anime, but maybe they will go backward this time, we never know what Rejet is planning XD
    And by the way the sampe of Mademoiselle is up on the anime website, and they played a short version during the niconama on the 7th August

    • We’ll have to see how IwaD is gonna deal with the unit. Maybe we’re in for some surprises and PENTACLE can actually be a fulltime seiyuu unit. Who knows drama CD and the sort later? So far the anime is being well publicized and is going to be the main cover of REJET X SMART fashion collaboration book – good things are in store for them.
      Regarding the preview, thanks for information, we’ll make sure to add it – about the niconama we knew about it but as it’s broadcasted only in Japan not everyone has access to it. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

      • Yep, I’m hoping for this series to be a long project from Rejet!! They really are pulling up the hurdle for this series by a lot with all the publications XD I hope the anime is gonna be as good as what I’m expecting.
        If you have the time and will to record it from the radio and cut it, someone has uploaded the radio on niconico, and the song is at the beginning of this video here: sm26881190
        I’m too lazy to record and cut it, sorry XD

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