TSUKIPRO releases teaser video of GROWTH & SOARA’s “A.L.P – Alive Party 2017 Summer -“

SOARA (minus Yuki Ono) & GROWTH at A.L.P

Tsukipro released today a teaser video to promote GROWTH and SOARA‘s A.L.P – Alive Party 2017 Summer – DVD and Blu-ray release.

A.L.P – Alive Party 2017 Summer – was held on 13/08/2017. Yuki Ono wasn’t able to attend the event.

The event counted with several performances (solo and group) as well as it was the stage in which the first key visuals for SOARA and GROWTH for the the currently airing anime “TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION” were unveiled. The event is going to be issued on DVD and Blu-ray this year.

A promotional video was released today on Tsukipro‘s official youtube channel.

A.L.P – Alive Party 2017 Summer – is going to be released on 26/01/2018, available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Both editions come with a main disc including the live performances as well as an additional drama/talk CD.

A.L.P – Alive Party 2017 Summer – is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

SOURCE: CDJAPAN / Tsukipro official twitter account