9 Songs by Male Seiyuu and 2D groups that must be on your New Years’ playlist

As we say goodbye to 2022 and welcome 2023, here are 9 Stylish Songs by Male Seiyuu and 2D groups for you to enjoy.

2023 is almost here and what better way to welcome it than with an awesome playlist?

THTFHQ’s New Years’ playlist tradition continues and this time around I bring you 9 elegant songs to listen to on New Years’ eve or, if you are already in 2023, to welcome the new year in style.

Expect fancy jazz, disco, funk, and dance music aplenty in this playlist. At the bottom of this article, you will find a Spotify playlist with the songs in this feature as well as all others from previous years for a whooping +40 songs playlist!

So what do you say about kicking off this playlist?

A note that the songs aren’t ranked. If you listen to all songs in the intended order though, you’ll experience a lot of ups and downs in tension.



Welcome to this playlist in the most stylish setting you could get. SparQlew opens the curtains with the sweet “LOVE SIGNAL”.

Then, around those vocals come a melodic yet punchy bassline, strings accents, fancy synth stabs, and that massive bassline that seems like it begging you to go to the dancefloor and bust some moves.

The chorus is catchy as hell, with the bassline leading the way in such a cool fashion that it is impossible to ignore.

The vocals are stellar in this song. All members tap into their best and what fans get is a bundle of sweet harmonies, plenty of vibrato in the solo parts, fancy high notes in head voice, and plenty of good vibes.

When this song wraps up, you’re in a good mood, enjoying the chill and stylish vibes around you.

TRIGGER “Hidden Region”


Tension starts to build up however in a stylish way with TRIGGER’s “Hidden Region”.

As the curtains open, you are led into a soundscape that feels like a throwback to 70s disco music. And let me tell you, this is when the party really starts for me.

“Hidden Region” arrives with a punchy, groovy bassline, old-school strings hits, fancy drums, and funky guitar riffs, creating a song that is effortlessly stylish and a blast to listen to.

At the same time that some people will want to bust some moves on the dancefloor to the sound of this song, there will be others that will equally enjoy the chill tone of this song and appreciate the laidback, loungy vibes.

To complete this stylish tune are the clean and effortlessly alluring and charismatic vocals of TRIGGER. As a unit, the harmonies are insanely clear and clean, going quite high, serving as a perfect contrast to the bassy, lower-toned instrumental.

“Hidden Region” leaves a trail of maturity and elegance in its wake, creating the perfect mood for this playlist.

Anthos* “LOVE IS…”


And following up still in the same tone is Anthos* with “LOVE IS…”, song performed by its main vocals LIHITO (CV: Kent Ito), KAORU (CV: Shunichi Toki), and SETSUNA (CV: Shun Horie).

This is a full-on display of elegance in a stylish tune that pays the perfect homage to 70s disco music while keeping things classy and a load of fun.

The chorus is addictive and insanely groovy and with those vocals on top, it even sounds mature.

From Shun Horie’s high notes with a raspy twist to Kent Ito’s clean mid-tones and blasting vibrato + falsetto combo and Shunichi Toki’s versatility as a gentle, melodic tenor, there is a whole lot of quality in this performance. And this is something that brings me back to this song quite frequently.

Funky, fancy, and oozing a unique masculinity that Anthos* usually doesn’t have, “LOVE IS…” is a stylish entry in this playlist.

Kenichi Suzumura “turn on a radio”


Bring out the jazz band for this tune! Kenichi Suzumura takes the stage with the fancy funk-meets-jazz tune “turn on a radio”.

The guitars are funky, and the bassline is punchy, adding a danceable vibe to this song alongside the bassy drums. “turn on a radio” is simultaneously a loungy tune with a fun underlying vibe but also a bona fide dance tune with a stylish 70s disco chorus.

The verses tone down that intensity just enough for the song to still be incredibly groovy but now have an elegant twist, embracing a mature and fun sound that will catch your attention. This is a song made to take to the dancefloor and just have mindless fun.



The good, funky vibes continue in this playlist as ZOOL arrives with the funk-meets-disco tune “RIDING”.

This is a first time for ZOOL but hell if they haven’t managed to pull off a fantastic rendition of disco music with their unique style showing in it.

The chorus in “RIDING” is a full-on funk-disco paradise.

The bassline is punchy, the beat is groovy, the guitars are funky, the strings stabs bring a lot of style to this performance and then the retro synths add the cherry on top as Subaru Kimura, Yuya Hirose, Koutaro Nishiyama, and Takashi Kondo performance in unison, harmonizing with each other and adding some canons in there.

After hitting the dancefloor for this tune, you’re ready to relax a little bit however, things are getting sexier as the playlist gets closer to its end.

Soma Saito “Zakuro”

Soma Saito "my beautiful valentine"

Things slow down as Soma Saito’s “Zakuro” arrives. This is a downtempo R&B tune with a simple hip-hop beat that will instantly sink in and leave you glued to your seat as Soma Saito takes the stage.

And when he takes the stage, everything, all of a sudden, sounds dangerous and alluring. Saito is performing in whisper-style in the verses, purposely lowering his tone to sound sexy – and let me tell you, it is a strangely alluring tone despite how dark the lyrics are – and the goes all out with a chorus fully performed in head voice.

There’s allure in the air blending with darkness. The vibe is intoxicating and oddly tempting as Soma Saito keeps getting closer to you with an enticing smirk on his face, making things all the more intimate in this playlist.

Makoto Furukawa “first light”

Makoto Furukawa Ware, Bara ni In artist

The tension rises yet again but the vibe is still as intimate and the vibe as elegant as it is alluring.

Makoto Furukawa arrives with the stylish “first light”, a loungy funk-meets-space-disco tune that will instantly take you to the dancefloor or may even serve as the perfect song to lounge around to.

Breathy, atmospheric synths create a wide, beautiful, and warm soundscape in which you want to lose yourself in. 

Everything about this song is loungy and mature, with Makoto Furukawa leading the way with an elegant slightly alluring performance on top.


HOUND ROAR Hound Roar Vol.1

HOUND ROAR arrives to add even more elegance to this playlist at the same time as it cranks up the mature vibe in the air.

Eyes” is a groovy downtempo acid-jazz tune that is all about creating a loungy, classy soundscape for you to enjoy. The setting for this song is quite intimate and playful. There is a hint of mystery coming from the guitars while the bassline adds to it a groovy twist that makes “Eyes” a bit cheeky.

The unpredictability of jazz blends with the allure of R&B and the playful tone of funk to create this unique tune that, on top, features Toshiyuki Toyonaga’s stunning vocals.

Miyu Irino “Twilight”


Good vibes in an intimate setting to wrap up this night. As soon as “Twilight” smoothly kicks in, you’re enveloped in a sweet and warm sound in which you want to lose yourself in. 

The slow-paced bassline adds a bit of groove to this track as the loungy piano and rhodes create one of the smoothest sonic experiences for you.

As Miyu Irino sweetly glides in whisper-style, almost sounding like a lullaby in the middle of this track.

“Twilight” is the type of song you want to enjoy around those you love, chilling out in an intimate setting, welcoming 2023 in the best way possible.

These are just some of the suggestions I have to light up your New Years’ party. I leave all of these – and more – in a playlist for you on Spotify.

There will be yearly updates to this playlist, so I welcome you to follow it!

I wish you an awesome 2022 filled with good experiences, and personal growth, and, of course, you get lots of great music from your favorite seiyuu artists and 2D groups to enjoy!

Make sure to make the best of this season and remember, be responsible about it.

Which songs would you add to this playlist?

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