8P unveil new details on “Happy Glitter”

8P unveiled new details on Happy Glitter.

8P consists of Tasuku Hatanaka, Sho Nogami, Taku Yashiro, Junya Enoki, Arthur Lounsbery, Atsushi Kousaka, Takeaki Masuyama and Shoya Chiba, MC’s of 8P Channel, variety show distributed on Rakuten TV.

Happy Glitter is scheduled to be released on 23/08/2019, available in regular edition.

The cover art is the following:

The tracklist is the following:

01 Kissing heart(Shoya Chiba)
02 だから僕らは明日を見る(Takeaki Masuyama)
03 Third time pays for all (Atsushi Kousaka)
04 Light-blue Wind(Arthur Lounsbery)
05 Shiny☆Shiny Park (Junya Enoki)
06 ダイヤモンドノオト (Taku Yashiro)
07 切ないけどグラデーション (Sho Nogami)
08 Midsummer Octave's Dream (Tasuku Hatanaka)
09 Happy Glitter (8P)
10 Kissing heart (Karaoke version)
11 だから僕らは明日を見る (Karaoke version)
12 Third time pays for all (Karaoke version)
13 Light-blue Wind (Karaoke version)
14 Shiny☆Shiny Park (Karaoke version)
15 ダイヤモンドノオト (Karaoke version)
16 切ないけどグラデーション (Karaoke version)
17 Midsummer Octave's Dream (Karaoke version)
18 Happy Glitter (Karaoke version)

A highlight medley is out.

First press editions come with a serial code to apply for pre-sale tickets for 8P 3rd anniversary event (17/11/2019).

Happy Glitter is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: 8P official twitter account